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Apr 30, 2019

R.J. Lewis and Ritesh Patel sit down for a candid conversation around the "Art of the Possible" - a fascinating discourse that includes Ritesh's advice on how to best engage AI for pharma manufacturers, hospital & healthcare executives, clinical researchers, healthcare/pharma marketers and partner delivery systems. This will be a half hour well spent for anyone interested in understanding the game changing effect artificial intelligence and related emerging technologies are having, while disrupting and evolving the healthcare ecosystem. 

Beyond wearables and tracking devices, which quantified new tech in the health business of the recent past, Ritesh talks about the current disruption caused by the billions of dollars pouring into advanced AI health technologies that is proving something remarkable; for the first time, the clinical side of health is out-innovating the consumer side.
Our discussion covers how AI is increasing the speed of drug research & development, dramatically improving the speed and volume of clinical trial recruitment, and how telehealth/telemedicine are going direct to the consumer. The conversation doesn't end there, either. Digital therapeutics is on the verge of becoming its own standalone, full service industry and AI bots are being employed for patient education and assistance, inclusive of advanced applications for psychological treatment.
We hope you enjoy this in-depth and insightful conversation with one of our industries most well-known and respected voices.